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Top secret

Carnival, carnival...

Start thinking about what fancy dress you’re going to wear this year – Carnival’s just around the corner….

Countdown to one of the craziest events in Bilbao: our Carnival! In our article Secret Carnival we told you about some of events that take place around this time of year. Now, However, we’d like to share another secret that happens around now too: the cakes and sweets that also typically make their appearance around now...

Christmas celebrations in Bilbao really only start to kick off when a large, well-known department store in the city centre decorates its windows with Christmas lights and figures and the street lights (tiny typically-Bilbao-blue lights) are switched on. Christmas is a time of hope and secrets just waiting to be discovered, when shops and streets on and around Gran Vía and the Old Quarter or Casco Viejo look the best they have done all year as they attract eager customers and display their most tantalising goods.

Advent markets

Maybe we’re exaggerating (only ever so slightly though!) when we say that our Advent markets are just as good as the ones found in London and other European cities, but...

Secret Awards

Now summer’s drawing slowly to a close, it’s perhaps the best time to take a closer look back at all that has happened over the past year and try to look at everything with fresh eyes.

For many people, September represents the start of a new year and, for them, the clock’s already ticking the seconds off to their next holidays. Here, at Secret Bilbao we’re absolutely delighted at the way things have turned out - though 2017 isn’t over for us yet (we hasten to add) because of the reservations we still have to (thankfully!) fulfil...

Aste Nagusia or Bilbao's "Big Week" of Festivities

One of Bilbao’s best kept secrets is the city’s Semana Grande or Aste Nagusia as it’s called in the Basque language. Festivities kick off every year of the Saturday before the city’s patron saint’s day on the 15th of August and continue for a staggering 9 days during which each and every corner of the city is turned into a fiesta. It’s a time for popular festivities and general merry-making...

Sweet Secrets of Bilbao

Who can say no to something sweet? Especially if it’s a traditional cake from Bilbao! It couldn’t be any other way in a land where gastronomy forms such an important part of our social lives and cakes and sweet things are just some of delicatessen we include in our list of absolute essentials...

Bilbao, Secret Events for June

Planning on visiting Bilbao soon? Congratulations! Not only for visiting “the best little city in the whole world” (as we inhabitants of Bilbao say!), but because you’ve also chosen the best time to come. Bilbao is on fire!

We’ve always thought that June was one of the best months to visit Bilbao and, of course, the province of Bizkaia and the Basque Country generally. On top of which, over the past few years the month of June has become increasingly important for celebrating different events: the city streets are packed with art, shows, live music, sports and gastronomy these days.

ArteShop Bilbao leaves no-one indifferent. From the 5th to the 18th of June, our shops turn into art galleries in which 75 students from the Fine Arts Faculty exhibit their work.  

Several Michelin stars are shining brilliantly in the skies over the Basque Country and La Rioja

Care to hear a secret that EVERYBODY’s talking about these days? The Basque Country, or Euskadi as it’s called in the Basque language, is the region with the highest concentration of Michelin stars in the world! Here, 19 restaurants share no fewer than 48 stars between them! Maybe this explains why Bilbao has been chosen as the venue for the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” Awards scheduled to be held in June 2018 when the British magazine “Restaurant” will formally announce the names of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

ITB Berlin: Secret Bilbao’s Bleisure

Last March, the ITB Berlin Fair was held, one of the largest and most important fairs in the world as far as tourism and travel are concerned and an important “shop-window” in which different countries, regions, towns and cities and even private companies in the tourism sector all meet so that people can learn more about them and the services they offer.  

I wanted to travel there this year so I packed my case, put lots of leaflets about Secret Bilbao in it too, and set out for the Fair without knowing exactly what I was going to find. I flew direct to Berlin: my first visit ever to this sprawling city. Ufff! Berlin’s 3.5 million inhabitants make it the biggest city in Germany but, more than the city’s sheer size, the thing that struck me most was a feeling of a “special something in the air” as I strolled about the city, a sensation that’s very hard to express in words. Berlin is a city living in the present, just like all the others, but with one eye firmly fixed on the future without forgetting its turbulent past. Fascinating, don’t you agree? But, independently of all this, it’s a city in which all types of tourism co-exist, from the sheer luxury offered by the most important and well-known Middle East airlines to the hop-on, hop-off buses for tourists found all over the city.


Just as we do every year a few weeks after the daily grind at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, we’ll throw off our cares and don our Carnival masks once again because Carnival celebrations are just around the corner. In just a few days’ time, we’ll stop being our usually boring selves, dress up as someone else and enjoy every moment, even if it’s only for a few hours. Bilbao, San Sebastian and Haro (La Rioja) are rated as the capital cities of the most pagan and fun celebration on the calendar. So, why don’t you make the most of these dates to visit the region and witness the contagious, colourful celebrations for yourself?


This is the only place in the world where visitors can visit no fewer than 7 extraordinary, world-famous wineries, 5 of which are more than 100 years old: Haro, the wine capital of the world-famous La Rioja wine growing region.

If you are one of the thousands of SERIOUS wine connoisseurs lucky enough to get their hands on an invitation to the Fair, the first day of Haro's annual 2-day Haro Station Wine Experience Fair is for professionals. However, the Fair also opens its doors to members of the general public the entire second day, no invitation needed, but you do have to buy an entrance ticket.




This week you're a whole 716 years old!! Quite an achievement in itself; more importantly, however, you've managed to do it while managing to look fresher and more modern than ever before -  without forgetting all that experience you've gathered over the years...


Welcome to Secret Bilbao's blog!!

Hi there and welcome to Secret Bilbao's blog!

This is my first blog ever and I must admit I feel very excited about the prospect of writing and updating news, articles and commentaries as I progress. I intend to write about everything that makes the city I live in such a fascinating place, not to mention its surrounding countryside and the marvellous La Rioja region that's just a stone's throw away from Bilbao.