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Top secret 2017 April

ITB Berlin: Secret Bilbao’s Bleisure

Last March, the ITB Berlin Fair was held, one of the largest and most important fairs in the world as far as tourism and travel are concerned and an important “shop-window” in which different countries, regions, towns and cities and even private companies in the tourism sector all meet so that people can learn more about them and the services they offer.  

I wanted to travel there this year so I packed my case, put lots of leaflets about Secret Bilbao in it too, and set out for the Fair without knowing exactly what I was going to find. I flew direct to Berlin: my first visit ever to this sprawling city. Ufff! Berlin’s 3.5 million inhabitants make it the biggest city in Germany but, more than the city’s sheer size, the thing that struck me most was a feeling of a “special something in the air” as I strolled about the city, a sensation that’s very hard to express in words. Berlin is a city living in the present, just like all the others, but with one eye firmly fixed on the future without forgetting its turbulent past. Fascinating, don’t you agree? But, independently of all this, it’s a city in which all types of tourism co-exist, from the sheer luxury offered by the most important and well-known Middle East airlines to the hop-on, hop-off buses for tourists found all over the city.