Given the region’s increasing international fame in recent years that all fine food and wine lovers are already familiar with, you might think our tours are for Foodies only. The truth, however, is that Secret Bilbao’s private excursions are also open to those who’d simply like to discover some of the best-kept secrets in the Basque Country – those often surprising and quirky little things that let you REALLY appreciate the true, authentic flavour of the region. Despite its name, Secret Bilbao not only operates in the city of Bilbao itself, but also organises excursions to San Sebastian and La Rioja. EACH excursion is private, exclusive and completely bespoken so that you can simply relax and fully appreciate the colour and taste our region offers in all their glory. And I will always be at hand to help you enjoy our fine table wines and local beers in some of the more colourful, hidden-away spots that “normal” tourists simply never get to experience.

And if you’d like to change anything at all in one of my suggested itineraries, then simply go head and let me know. Together we’ll personalise absolutely everything according to YOUR personal tastes and plan your tour to include more/less art, nature, tradition, architecture, design and even enology and gastronomy. Secret Bilbao designs every excursion/tour depending upon the desires of each individual group.

And, incidentally, just to make sure that some people in a group finish up doing something they don’t feel like doing, Secret Bilbao will NEVER include or add other people to an already-established, original group.

During your visit, you’re going to come into contact not only with traditional regional cooking, but also experience the amazing textures and tantalising flavours of what is now referred to as “New Basque Cuisine” all over the world.

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